• Board Meetings - Tentative Calendar - 2023

Board of Trustees

  • The Notus School District is governed by a five-member; Board, each representing one of the five zones that make up the District.  The members are elected for four-year terms. Each member must be a qualified voter in the School District and a resident of the zone he or she represents. 

    Zone 1: John Baldazo, Vice Chairman
    Email: baldazoj@notusschools.org
    Service began January 2022 (Elected-Unopposed)
    Term expires: 2025

    Zone 2: Karen Hardcastle, Chairman
    Email: hardcastlek@notusschools.org
    Service began December 2014 (Appointed)
    Re-elected in 2015 (Unopposed)
    Re-elected in 2019 (Unopposed)
    Term expires: 2023

    Zone 3: Matthew Campbell
    Email: matthewcampbell@notusschools.org
    Service began March 2022 (Appointed)
    Term expires: 2025

    Zone 4: Jessica Jensen
    Email: jensenj@notusschools.org
    Service began October 2022 (Appointed)
    Term expires: 2023 

    Zone 5: Nikki Sorrell
    Email: sorrellnikki@notusschools.org
    Service began August 2020
    Re-elected in 2021 (Unopposed)
    Term expires: 2025

    Board Clerk: Roseann Coles
    Email:  colesr@notusschools.org  


  • The Notus School District currently uses BoardDocs for all board minutes, financials, agendas, and policy. Please use the following link to review all of our public records regarding Notus School District Board Meetings.

    To access Board Documents, please click on the link above or under "Transparency" on our website. Click on “meetings” to find the meeting you are interested in. Click on the year and the particular meeting you are interested in.  Click on Agenda to review. In the Agenda window you may notice icons to the right of agenda items. Clicking on the icon will open information on the agenda item.

    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our Clerk of the Board.